Sunday, June 17, 2007

The promised pictures

I've been a bit slow in posting pictures of my pet project. Largely because, though I'm making huge leaps and strides, it doesn't show up well on camera. And I'm tired of telling people how impressed they should be.

The short, after filling the first dumpster single handedly, I've decided to hire a teenager to do some of the heavy lifting. All the walls, rooms, and 1/2 floors have been removed on the first level. As soon as I build the replacement stairs to the second floor, the originals will be pulled, and the second set of rear doors will be opened up again.

Most of the wiring, which was a scary mess, has been ripped out. After finding a live, old wire under the carpet, I stripped everything out of the breaker box except the lights and work sockets I need for now.

But first, the most important progress:
Amazing, isn't it? 12 weeks.

mmkay, on to the building: View from the front right corner.
View from the front left hand corner.

And the pile of materials I'm left with after ripping out all the unwanted walls and platforms. I could build a house out of the surplus dimensioned lumber and plywood I've got, just from the first floor, but it's riddled with nails right now. Another wonderful task for the teenager. (I tried getting Alexe to help, it didn't work out.)

The back stairwell to the second floor, mentioned above. I plan to remove this, as soon as I build the replacements. Notice the double doors trapped behind the stairs. These were sealed on the outside by a cinder-block wall, and on the inside by these stairs. All soon to change.
These are all large pictures, click on them to zoom in.
Have a great week.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Lots to show and tell.

But right now, I have no pictures handy, so I'll simply tell.

#1. We're having a baby. Due Dec. 28th, or thereabouts.
#2. We had a wonderful time at our cabin in VT. Final floor installed, wood stove installed, porch roof complete. And Harry put in a pond for us.
#3. Lots of progress on the building.
#4. We have been eating tomatoes, beans, peas, lettuce, carrots, basil, and turnips from our garden for weeks now.

Pictures of all of these wonderful topics will follow soon.