Sunday, June 14, 2009


Just uploaded a bunch of pictures, in no particular order, so I'll comment as they come up.

Found this brick pathway off the back end of the porch while running around with a backhoe. (The backhoe was super fun.) The pathway was 3 bricks wide, so I added another 2 (on the left, covered in sand I'm working into the gaps) to make it even with the stairs we built.
Fresh squash, from the farmers market, sauteed in butter that afternoon. Super fresh and delicious.
Brick pad being put down between front porch steps and the stairs down to the street level. Pressure washed those stairs and took down half of the bent railing. I'm going to take down the rest, the stairs didn't have the railings originally, and the side that's left looks like it was hit by a truck.
Shower tiled, grouted (with epoxy grout, lower half, royal pain in the butt to work with,) and shower rod up. Couldn't find a long shower curtain, so my extendo-cords made from colored copper wire are neat looking, match the handles A wanted, and fascinate little a, but don't slide all that well. Thinking about alternatives. Still need to cut the aluminum plate to go over the handles. (Those brass cut-offs have a habit of wearing out, don;t ever want anyone else to have to re-tile this stupid thing, so the aluminum panel will look nifty and act as an access panel.)
Sunset a few nights ago. Amazing.
My family on the stairs.
a has been incredible with her little brother. Kisses whatever part of him is closer.
final ditch, after the culverts are in. process below.
culverts in.
awesome machine. those sections, 4 ft diameter, 8 ft long, weight over 6,000 lbs.
in progress.
cleaning out the ditch, hit lots of squisheeness, had to put down a layer of rock to prevent the sections from sinking. Was not fun. Haven't received the bill yet.
cutie pie at the farmers market.
A series from the porch yesterday. 10 days old (11 today) not the prettiest time in his life i'm sure, but somehow he's still adorable.
hee hee.



Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Big day

My son was born today.

Caspian Pierce Coughlin.
Home birth, A was amazing, mid wife barely made it in time to catch the baby.

23 inches long, 9 lbs 14 ozs, full head of dark hair. (His big sister had the same hair at birth, it's now blond ringlets.)

woah. family of 4 now.