Monday, April 12, 2010


Sitting on the porch on a gorgeous day, working on a laptop, and bored out of my mind.

A lot has happened since I last put anything up here. A trip to Vermont with the two little ones. Just me, and the two little ones. Was lovely, except for the stomach bug that kicked in on the flights north, (puking Annaliese on a puddle jumper) and proceeded to infect everyone we saw. Everyone. And outside of that the kids didn't sleep. Alexe had a lovely week at home decompressing from 2 years of motherhood.

I've been to Florida a couple times for work, Alexe is opening a grocery store May 1, we have another batch of 26 chicks, Caspian is crawling and the sweetest boy in the world, Annaliese is a whole person, full of charm and stories and songs and screams. The lettuce is up in the garden, we ate some home grown strawberries last week, it's spring and everything is growing and blooming and lovely, and I'm stuck in a chair on the porch.

With so much to do before the store opens, the fun stuff now that the floors are done and the lights are up. The assembling shelves and building produce displays and popping in windows and putting copper counter tops up. And the weather is perfect, blue and warm and gentle-wind.

And last week I had sinus surgery, to fix the issues that have had me with a bad sinus infection something like 4 times a year for the past 5 years, and the last bout lasting 5 months straight. And everything was going well, slowly but surely recuperating since the procedure on Tuesday, then I got up for 2 hours yesterday, and have felt like a drained noodle since.

As much as I like to tease alexe about how much she hates me being down and out, and how this negatively impacts her care-taking skills, (hard to nurse-made with a scowl of disapproval on your face,) the truth is I hate it too. Sitting still has almost no appeal for me. I like to do, possibly to an unhealthy degree as some have accused me of being addicted to doing lots and lots of stuff, and they may be right. I get pleasure out of accomplishing, and what most people seem to think of as work, I find really enjoyable. The moments after I finish something and still coast on the feelings of accomplishment are short; I move on to the next thing very quickly.

This may have to do with the time period in my life, the building phase, say, but it might also be a deeply ingrained character trait of me. A personality audit they just did on me at work-work says that's the case.

But it all means, today, that I'm sick of being a noodle, and I want up and out.


oh, but I am very thankful I'm still alive.