Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Another busy spring. The building progresses, a nice visit from my parents, a little sister's 21st birthday in Vegas (I can't attend), and the same making an offer on her first house. Plans for a Christening/dedication, trip North, garden, and all the local socializing that the lovely weather encourages. Lots of fun, beautiful days, all accentuated by a lovely family.

Which I can't get over. My girls are so adorable. Screw balls, fussy, demanding and spoiled, but I love them both sooo much. And they're so good looking.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Very nice weekend

A Saturday of family and building work, (one room left to pressure wash upstairs!) and a Sunday with a long morning, Annaliese only needing one change in the middle of church, and an afternoon spent running a chainsaw!
We had a great time at A&A's chopping down a couple oaks (and a few other trees that got in the way), and generally hanging out. The two new mothers got to hang out while A and I played with chainsaws and split some wood. (Boy, when 4 out of 6 people's names start with A, it gets harder to keep their names out of a blog post.)

So, all around very nice weekend.

And Nicholas and Emily got a dog!