Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Zoo!

We got lost on the way, (no more iphone gps, working with a company blackberry. The usability difference makes me want to scream most of the time.) so fresh out of the car we all look a little zonked.

Annaliese's favorite part of the zoo, the water. The fountain and flowing water at the entrance, the pools and waterfalls in the animal enclosures, she couldn't get enough.
Caspian mostly liked spending the day with us. The new setting was nice, but not as interesting as the familiar smiling faces.

Lunch next to the Lions.

Another visit to the fountain before going to see the zebras.


Places to go, no time for a family photo.
Not pictured are the elephants, the huge rhino, many other animals we did see, and far more we got tired before getting to. Now that we have a family pass for the year though, (Thank you Natalie!) we're looking forward to coming back.

T'was really nice to spend the whole day toodling just the four of us. no work, no projects, just photo opportunities, and a quick stop at Whole Foods because, after a month of not being able to taste (through the holidays!!!) the antibiotics have kicked in, and the world is full of incredible mouth-watering tidbits.