Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I have the coolest big sister in the world

And a pretty cool little sister, too, but let's focus on C right now.

She and her husband attend a science fiction convention every year.

For those of you who have never attended an event like this, they consist of generally intelligent, well spoken, friendly, fun people who for whatever reason are interested in areas of writing, television, or games that are a bit removed from reality/current levels of scientific development.
(Think Buffy, Anime, Star Trek, etc.) They are generally very comfortable in their bodies (or working to become so) and like to play with them in dress and other ways.

Overall a good crowd, with the minor exceptions for those hygienically or socially challenged.

My big sister has introduced all three of her siblings to these extravaganzas, and though I'm probably the most conservative of our original four, and have only having attended once, I had a great time.

The convention takes over a hotel, like any other business conference, and rents most of the common space. They have rooms full of vendors, rooms with dance floors and music, rooms with movie theatres set up, and various speakers and discussion panels. Everyone who attends rents a room in the hotel, and voila, you have a building sized party.

Since I attended, C and husband have apparently started throwing private parties in their suites. These are generally themed, with costumes required, and I have enjoyed hearing about C's glorious time womaning the door as bouncer, refusing entry to anyone not complying with her dress code or enthusiasm requirements.

This year, two days after the event, the web is flying with rave reviews, and pouty complaints, from the accepted partiers, and the rejected folk, respectively.

And, cooler than this flurry of dialogue about my sister's party, (keep in mind these are generally well written, and long winded people) my sister shines into the maelstrom, writing pleasant, soothing, but not discouraged responses to all sorts of brainy boneheads. And the whines, while they continue, are suddenly without venom, slightly placated, and winding down.

And C has generated controversy, managed decent coverage and public awareness, and avoided any persisting ill-will. Talk about a PR coup.

(And about that younger sister, I hear she is an "otherwise very nice blond woman". I can just picture her with her hair pulled back, looking all severe. Except she's so sweet whenever she talks to new people, I would have loved to watch her turn people away. It's much easier to imagine C asking someone to remove some clothes before coming into the party. :) )

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Moonpie said...

I havn't heard that one yet! I had a lot of fun, and I was generally nice to everyone, as I turned them away and said 'come back in something skankier, please.'