Monday, February 4, 2008

More of my daughter

My inlaws have a strange propensity to assign immense import to possessions, particularly pieces of clothing, that have been around for a while. There was the case of something very important from the family history that Alexe was meant to wear on our wedding day. The various important baby things that Annaliese will be wearing at her Virginia christening. (Who knows what she'll be wearing at her Vermont christening.)

I generally believe these sorts of traits can skip generations, and thank my stars that my wife has only shown this sort of attachment to a tank-top she had in high-school, and possibly one of her mother's sweaters.

Then I walked into the living room today, and came upon my darling wife, and my darling daughter, holding a photoshoot. Annaliese was wearing this little number that apparently both Alexe and Eliza wore when they had their pictures taken on their one month old anniversary. Or is that one month old birthday? Anyway, it was actually only her four week old aniversary, and though I haven't broached this topic with Alexe, I'm pretty sure this should be celebrated on on the 6th to be accurate.

Anyway, enjoy. This is my family. (The pooches are lurking somewhere.)

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