Monday, October 6, 2008

And now it's October

My word.
But I have lots of Pictures!
Big and Little A, Water Valley elementary school in the background.
New Teeth!
Chicago Airport.
Orvis store, Essex Junction, VT.
Family! Vermont, William's future cabin site. (William's new 4 wheeler.)
Big and Little A!
Me and my papa and my baby.
Natasha and Nathan's wedding, VT.
Bride and Groom.
Natalie and William, William's farm.
Me and Natalie on William's 4 wheeler.
Apple straight from the tree, Vermont.
Jersey cows, Vermont.

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Anonymous said...

We sure had a few wonderful hours spent all together !!! pictures are so great . I love the one of mother and Annaliese laughing so sitting on the machine .
Thwe one of Natalie and Will is really sweet . They are all a great reminder of all my counted blessings . Much love , maman