Monday, January 5, 2009

January 5th, 2009

And I'm too busy to upload pictures here one at a time, so I've posted a bunch here:

Along with some comments.

A nice 2 weeks off for the holidays, most of which I spent ripping out my storefront and rebuilding it. The frames were all rotten, much of the glass separated, and there was a very heavy layer of unsupported concrete above the glass that was blocking the natural light. The tempered glass order was delayed, and it started to rain near the end of the week, so the final paint is not on, and the glass isn't in place, but it looks a world better, and should be completed in my regular work schedule ( Tuesday and Thursday nights and Saturday) some time next week.

Our house is coming along, now that the rain has stopped a day here and there. The tin roof is mostly on, the windows are in, the house is wrapped, the electrician is working, the siding is being delivered form the mill, etc. etc.

My girls continue to bring me waves of joy, and remind me that my favorite thing is not so much swinging a wrecking bar, but wandering around in the beautiful outdoors listening to the young and slightly younger ladies of my life yammer on about whatever they're interested in at the moment.

Which doesn't take the pressure off to wrap up some of these projects, but it's a sweet reminder of why.

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