Thursday, October 15, 2009

A personal flash back over the last month or so.

A little picture bonanza, since the iphone has been filling the gap in the absence of our camera. (Lost the camera battery charger on our trip to VT last month, took us a month to bite the bullet and buy a new charger.)

A turned 27 last Friday. Here's a flashback to 2006, building a cabin in VT, pre-children, pre-MS living.

And look at her now. It's going well, don't you think?
Which all roles up into taking my girls and boy to the airport yesterday for A's annual trip back to VA to visit her family. I don;t mind sharing, I was getting very clingy by the time I had to watch A a and c walk away through security. Here's the little girl on the drive to the airport.
While packing and getting dressed for the trip, the two little ones had a little love fest. These are in chronological order, all in less than a minute.

We have a little family tradition of dance parties in the front hallway. Annaliese will ask for them, pull on our legs and do her little hand-waving asking for things to get us into the hall, point at the computer and jiggle until the music is turned on. Everyone participates.
That's right, that sexy lady is airborne. (I hope she doesn't mind me sharing, I'll find out soon enough. :) )
Little c has to ride along, but seems to love them just as much as his sister.
This little guy showed up on Friday night, after the birthday bash. After removing 2 pounds of matted fur, and killing several thousand fleas, he's getting quite comfortable around the house. He's getting shots and snipped tomorrow, and we'll see if we can find him a home, or maybe he'll stay with us. We're pondering. He's been incredibly easy, very sweet, at first he kept trying to run away, we finally let him go thinking he might have a home that he has left (yes, a home that must have treated him terribly) but after that one walkabout, he can go out by himself and comes right back to the door without supervision. Here he's commandeered my flannel shirt. That flannel shirt was made for my father by my mother. It has passed through almost everyone in the family before I snuck it south, and now both A and a periodically steal it from me.
Bought a dozen pairs of thermal Atlas Fit gloves to last me through the winter on the building, a decided to open the package and try them on.
Little poodle, we're calling him Hercules.
A's birthday cake. If you look closely you will notice the bites missing from most of the chocolates. This was maybe 5 minutes after I brought the cake out. Made to order the night before, had to wait until that afternoon to frost it, because I ran out of butter. The frosting alone took 5 sticks. They ain't kidding when they say butter-cream.
Isn't she lovely?
Part of the birthday meal. I can't tell you how good the first bite was, it had been too long.
I know A put this on her blog, but I took it, and he's adorable.
A also complained about a baking day we had a couple weeks back. A photo I took that day. Missing are the molasses cookies, the two pumpkin pies, the cream pie, the lasagna, and the chicken soup. Oh, and a, who kept me company in the kitchen all afternoon, had some play dough. Great way to spend a rainy Sunday.
The last farmer's market of the year. A has effectively made the town on Saturdays, and after a great season, she put together an antique tractor show, potluck, music, and big vendor bash. She's done amazing things for our town.
a sat on every single tractor there, about a dozen. One of the beaming old farmers who had brought his tractor fired it up for her. She wasn't the biggest fan of that.
On our morning walk to the market. Our routine is we set the tent up on Friday night, A gets down there on Sat morning before 8 to get the vendors set up and put out the signs, and I get the kids ready and walk down a little later. It's been more fun since a has started refusing to ride, and trundles on her own.
It's been a long time since I had any pictures of the building. We started back on our respective projects after a summer focusing on the house and babies. A is back on book #3, and I'm back at the building. This was one of the last upstairs windows in the project to replace them all. This particular window had the extra issue of the neighbor's roof line, which used to be an alley until they threw a roof up, cutting across the window above the level of the sill. I had to raise the sill, and cut down the sash to just barely get enough incline on the sill to pull water away from the window and back onto the roof. All the windows are now new on the second floor, and we are weather tight for the first time since we bought the building.


CAITLIN! said...

Oh Noes, I've forgotten to send Alexe a birthday present! WELL this sad state of affairs will have to be remedied.

Keeeeeeep the poooodle! Keeeep him! Or let me have him! :-)

Big Nick said...

Totally keep Hercules.

Moonpie said...

yay for updates! I vote you keep hercules too!