Sunday, March 25, 2012

Lying in bed early this morning with Alexe, (family day, we're all home all day,) she was listing everything that makes her feel rich. (We do a fair amount of listing around here.) It was fun to listen to: A house, garden, chickens, a porch to have breakfast on, her perfect car, (blue 84 merc wagon,) a wood stove, a claw foot tub, a nice bright kitchen... And two awesome kids.

They were watching Mr. Rogers, a show I never saw, but find the music wafting through the house very soothing, and don't feel bad about Annaliese going to his website and watching old shows first thing in the morning. On my way through the house to start making crepes, (rotating between nutella and maple syrup, they were amazing,) I saw Mr. Rogers using his imagination with a short piece of hose. Two minutes later the kids came racing to the kitchen and dragged me back to the living room to see he had donned a simple blue bath towel, and with that draped over his head and his piece of hose, he was playing as an elephant. Annaliese and Caspian were squealing with delight.

That paired with images of Mr. Rogers testifying in front of congress... Same thoughts about Dr. Seuss. Amazing people.

We've got another glorious day ahead of us, the sun is warm on my feet, a cool breeze is blowing, chickens are clucking right below the porch. The only chore we have for the day is thinning the rabbit herd. I thought I was about to get them under control, but Alexe discovered another 7 fresh babies, and the solo female that was in the running for dinner tonight has started making a fur-nest as well. Grrr. That means that even if we harvest 6 today, we will still have two mothers, four too young to harvest, seven newborns, and who knows how many on the way in the next litter. The of-age boy is on the list for today though, and I think we've learned a lesson and will be separating the kids from their mother earlier.

Annaliese and Caspian are now negotiating time allowances for how long they will allow the other to jump on their beds, with me not as mediator, more the negotiating table.


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