Sunday, August 11, 2013

Vermont 2013 in 5 Parts: Part 3: The Wedding!

The wedding was lovely. 

It ran a little behind schedule, maybe 20 minutes or so, but folks were still trickling in up until then.

The kids were adorable, Caspian in his seersucker, Annaliese in her new dress with a flowery wreath made by Alexe.

a.Caitlin, Maid of Honor, was lovely.

The kids were smiley, for the most part, with Annaliese turning in a much better performance as a flower girl, when compared to her first time.  (See Nicholas and Emily's wedding.)

Bride being given away.

The mountain, the sky, the clouds, it was all lovely. 

The bride and groom weren't too shabby either.  Dan Scott presiding, Brendan's best friend, and a treasure our family is lucky to still have.

They seem to like each other. 

Family photo time. Mother of the bride.  (Grandmaman.) 

This is us.

These kids are so happy and comfortable around their uncle.

a.Caitlin and u.Jim.  No slouches in the cute department.

My girl.  

Signs by Caitlin.  (With help from Alexe and the kids.)

The reception was lovely, thanks to a whole host of folks.

We had a few moments with the kids, but for the most part, whenever they saw us, they would run in the opposite direction for fear it might be time to go.

Many of the pictures we have from the wedding were taken by Caspian or Annaliese.  Caspian in particular has an amazing eye, taking one of my favorite pictures of me and my father in the past five years.  Annaliese seems to prefer filming.

He had his eye on the cake all night.

Juice box #8.

The bride, courtesy of Caspian.

At one point Alexe and I noticed Capsian's latest friend was a lovely young lady.  They sat together, engaged in conversation for quite a while, with Alexe and me standing a ways back snapping pictures and trying to keep the sound of our giggling down.

Then they hopped up, holding hands, and went to join the dancing.

Just another heart melting moment in child rearing.

My little sister. 

She makes me proud.  

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