Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Cookbook.

After the New York Time's article came out, Alexe met up with an agent and sold a book to Random House.  The article was a stroke of luck, the book was a product of Alexe pro-actively finding the next thing and making it happen.

She and Dixie, in their spare time over the past year, between serving 500+ customers each week, put together a book of recipes and essays, and with the help of a great design team at Random House, they produced a solid, pleasant to hold, look at, and read book.

This was the day of the book release party at Off Square Books in Oxford.

Alexe was anxious, but excited.  

The kids were excited to go to a party. They always are.  Another visit to our friend Mr. Bronze Faulkner en route.

The authors.

There were lots of fun signs and marketing materials around.  

The crowd of friends, neighbors, family, customers, and strangers poured in.  

The kids, who as you may know are featured in various spots in the book, were asked for their autographs, and vacillated between eagerly scrawling all over someone's shiny new book, to shyly running away.

Off Square is a long, deep store, and it's hard to capture the crowd, which was substantial for almost 2 hours.  It was a great feeling of community and support, the thing that has made us love our adopted home.

This girl has accomplished so much in the past six years.  

This one too.

Well deserved.

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