Monday, August 10, 2015

Home for the end of the summer.

It's been hot outside.

Even so, there's lots to do before the school year starts.

Indoor soccer games in my office:

Haircuts at the barber.  Or playing with the new puppy at the barbershop.


Eating apples on top of the playhouse at the BTC.

Checking on the newest additions to the farm.


Play dates. Which oftentimes include letters and gifts. 

Late breakfasts.

Paint and plant shopping when Alexe gets the bug to redo- the kids' rooms again.  The paint shopping was planned, the plant shopping just happens.

Visits to Freds, because they sell everything.

Playing at the park.

Gallery openings.  (I wish I could share some pictures of the art from this show, but much of it focused on the human form, and is not pg rated.)

There was a costume section at this gallery:

On to the Watermelon Carnival activities.  (Alexe had a beautiful blue dress on this evening.  Somehow no pictures were taken of her.)

On the playground:

On the rock climbing wall.

This year they both made it to the top, twice.

The next morning, while Alexe was drowning in a super busy BTC, the kids and I were housekeeping between guests.  This time around the kids were less helpful.  

Several hours later we were done with our Carnival Weekend chores, and we went to check on Alexe.  She was far from being done with hers.

So we went wandering and found the classic car show.

Annaliese is now regularly cooking herself, and any of us, an egg.  One at a time, scrambled.  It's adorable.  Especially when she cooks herself several in a row.  

More naps.  Here she was waiting for her chair to dry after giving it (and herself) a thorough hosing down so she could paint it yellow.

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