Saturday, December 3, 2016

Fall 2

A children's birthday party.  There's a healthy population of youth in this town, and these parties occur constantly.  Sometimes Alexe lets me off the hook, but not this time.

The kids showing off their cart-driving skills to their chess coach.

Caspian's current career goal is herpetologist.  He has other scientific pursuits for the time being, which his microscope helps with.  He also enjoys making potions in the kitchen that he hides around the house where they explode their containers or gently leak horrible smells.

Date night.

At a gallery opening.  With the kids.  But still a date!

Alexe turns 34!  

My spring chicken. Who has been both 15 and 79 since I met her.

Alexe outdid herself in finding the most obnoxious-to-make cake request so far.  A 7 layer Russian honey cake.

Another Friday evening at the brewery.  The pictures here may make it seem like we spend an inordinate amount of time at the brewery, but it's really just one evening a week.

We tend to go early, which means the kids are bored until their friends trickle in.  

Farm boy filling up the wood boxes.

In Greenwood for an overnight, full day of meetings for a board I serve on.  Bowed out of the evening activities, to enjoy a quiet walk along the river, and enjoy a great bbq place in the back streets.

a.Jenny and two of her young ones in town for a visit.  They were en-route from Colorado to Virginia for a.Eliza's wedding.

Nice to show them around our little world.

It was adorable watching Annaliese and Caspian show off their budding piano skills, and be blown away by Celeste's cello.  It seems like they're practicing more now...

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