Monday, December 11, 2006


Our pooches have a strange fondness for stuffed animals. It was something we neglected when we first got here, but on our weekend shopping expedition, we bought them a pair of early presents. They love them.

(I stand by Gund, generally, as the only brand with decent stitching to stand up to excited gnawing. However, there was a monkey that had the perfect long, sturdy arms and legs that Shadow loves, (Dido is an ear girl), so we're giving Dezi a try.)

Tonight I was tossing Dido's stuffed bear from the couch, and watching her bound merrily across the room to retrieve it. I had a sudden recollection of sitting in the loft of John's apartment, him downstairs on the couch, and us tossing Dido's bear back and forth as she raced up and down the stairs.

Good times.

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JL said...

Good times indeed, good times indeed. Hugs to you and all the girls.