Sunday, December 3, 2006

Slow on the uptake.

Sadly this applies to so many things for me.

But the most recent: the internet, and this blog.

I started this blog for those of you who I contacted, in hopes of lowering the amount of time we would have to spend catching up when next we get to visit. I kept it from people who I see more regularly, and who I would rather not have to watch my thoughts around.

Think co-workers and boss.

However, I didn't put that much thought into actively maintaining anonymity. So when I tooted my own horn last week and pasted an article that included my name, as well that of my current employer, I didn't think that much about it. (Except how cool it was to have such a thing.)

Turns out the tech-savvy folk I work with have nifty google-webcrawlers that automatically notify them whenever the company is mentioned.

I don't have a propensity for slander, or even for sharing negative thoughts that might linger in my mind about my fellow creatures. I don't think. I did a quick scan of previous posts when I learned about the additional audience members, and found most things here are relatively benign. So no worries.

But I feel I've lost some freedom. Like being told that I will absolutely never be allowed to ride a giraffe. Sure, it's unlikely the desire would have come up, but now that I know I can't, I miss it for some reason.

To reclaim a semblance of control over this tiny corner of the interactive boob-tube, I'm going to take the same approach to this blogging as I do to nudity in my own house. (or rented flimsy townhouse, as it were.)

If you are looking in my windows, I'm not responsible for what you see.

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