Thursday, March 15, 2007


We put in a bid on this building.
Much more on that later. Now we're just waiting.


Anonymous said...

Tis indeed an odd place to raise chicken , goats and the likes !!! With the loss of VT plates have you also lost your marbles ??? Does it have a tornado shelter ?

Anonymous said...

Find out how many bids the owner has refused, and at what prices. Is there parking for medical/professional tenants? The building looks attractive, and with appropriate architectural and economic development, could be a winner. Get a physical appraisal of the electrical, plumbing, and structural (foundation to roof) life expectancy of the building. Does it meet current codes?? Get an architect involved in laying out the best possible office and/ or retail design, and doing some realistic cost projections. Then talk to dentists, chiropractors, MD's, physical therapists etc. to line up potential tenants, but not before you have a signed sales agreement, or someone might steal it out from under you.
Raise goats and chickens on the roof, in true Swiss fashion.