Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Well, after 10 years with my Vermont license, I've given it up and officially become a resident of a different state. And a Southern state at that.

I haven't lived in VT for something like 8 years. The longest visit home since leaving for college was last fall, 34 days. And yet I have managed to keep my pretty green license, renewed, and with new pictures, for all that time.

It wasn't until last year that I gave up my Vermont license plates on my vehicles. I can say that every vehicle I ever privately owned proudly wandered around this country with a green badge on the front and back. (Well, the '67 international pickup only had 1 green plate.) That truck was registered in VT, and had never been to the state in its whole life.

Good insurance rates for VT vehicles.

The vehicles that Alexe and I have together were registered in VA for a year or so. Now we're going to have to get MS plates, with "Yalobousha" (the county we live in) proudly stamped on there.

A slight odd feeling about this change.

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