Thursday, August 9, 2007

My wonderful big and little sisters (and brother in law)

Feeling all mushy towards my sisters right now.
Caitlin and Jim went to the Simpson's premiere in Springfield, VT. She sent me a wonderful note in the mail today, along with a cd of all the pictures she took there.
I went through every picture, scanning the crowd for people I might recognize. Not one. In a town of < 10,000 people, that I spent most of the first 18 years of my life in. Slightly upsetting.
But thank you so much Caitlin. And there was a really sweet picture of C&J, which I am going to post here, just because I think they're so cute.

And just to prove the Simpson's thing, here's Groening.
oh, and here're some Simpson suits.

And anything but a small note: Natalie, at 20, paid off the student loans she took out for her first year of college. The youngest of us, and the only one with no college debt. Very proud of her.

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Oh, you did get the CD! I am just seeing your post now, and I was kind of bummed you hadn't dropped me an email that you got the CDs or not. I see that you (sort of) had sent me a note, so that's all right then.

Confucious say People (like me) who post infrequently (and you) can't assume their sites will be checked daily.

I send you *hugs* and *kisses* and guess what... I ate my first (single) bean today - Jim and I each had one early bird bean in our butter-fried, salted, gruyere sprinkled summer squash, snow peas and 2 beans. Yes I sure did plant late.