Monday, October 29, 2007

Photo bonanza

Blogger isn't being cooperative to my big picture-upload.
I'm going to point you to a web album I just tried for the first time. It's part of Alexe's larger web album, so if you want to cruise through for a while, have a blast.
I just took a bunch of pictures of the building, unlabelled, but I want to catch the steps along the way. I have a plumber helping out this week, which will jump me forward quite a bit.

Alexe was away on a trip back to Virginia for the past 10 days. I've been going slightly bonkers, working every day since she left, either on the building, or at my day job, and regularly both.

I've had no reason to go home when I can bring the dogs down to the building with me. I'm feeling much more relaxed since she got back.

Perhaps some commentary later. I'm tired, and have to go back to work tomorrow.
Enjoy the pictures, I hope they're not too confusing.

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