Monday, June 14, 2010

rocking kids.

Caspian is walking around the house, hand on a wall still, but cruising. And climbing. Had to put all the little rocking chairs up, since every time we turn our backs he's standing up on them, holding the back, happily rocking back and forth. So at 1 he's great.

Annaliese, at 2.5, is doing arithmetic.

We have a program where, for peeing in the potty, she is rewarded with a gummy bear. For #2, she gets 2 gummy bears.

Yesterday she was explaining this to me, confirming the deal before she went to the bathroom, and a light went on. She said, "if I poop I get two gummy bears and if I pee I get one gummy bear. So if I poop and pee I get 3 gummy bears!"

That's not the deal, it's one or the other, but I was so tickled I agreed. :)

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Anonymous said...

Brilliant children----