Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Wedding Toast to Nicholas and Emily Cofrancesco.

If we’re lucky, we meet people that make our lives better.

The good times better.

The bad times… better than they could be.

I’ve been wallowing in memories of Nicholas as this wedding has approached, remembering the importance, the heart, the impact of this amazing man in my life over the past almost 20 years.

The innumerable wanderings of a shared youth spent in Vermont and NH.

West Leb, Hanover, Manchester (VT and NH), Chester, Weston, Claremont, Woodstock…

Cross country skiing in New York.

Mac World NY, taking rest breaks to set down the swag bags that were cutting into our fingers.

Boston, New Year’s eve, freezing on the wharf.

Wandering an abandoned theme park in Maryland.

Key West. Vegas. San Diego. San Fran. LA. Mississippi. Annapolis. Tahoe.DC.


New Years, Maine, mourning the loss of my brother and raging at the world on a frozen beach. Nicholas, freezing with me, sharing my hurt, and tempering it with champagne, lobster, and artichokes.


Walking on a beach with me and my future wife, the day after she and I shared our first kiss.

I rely on his heart, his perspective, his sense of wonder and incessant drive to find something interesting and fun to do. His willingness to be honest with me, when it’s easy, and not so easy, to share.

My life is and has been better because of him.

And he has found Emily.

Who I do not know as well, but know three important things about:

She makes the world taste better, she has one of the most beautiful, infectious smiles I have ever seen, and she makes Nicholas happy.

We are all better for having these two in our lives.

If you think of the impact they have had on your life, just imagine the amazing world they create for each other.

A toast, to the life Nicholas and Emily will share, and the joy they will radiate to each other and all of us.


Able Ponder said...

Beautiful. True.

I want one :)

Anonymous said...

Well done and true.
I only know Nicholas from the time of you all's wedding but everytime I turned around/with my head about to fly off with that/that-must -be-done and couldn't breathe, Nicholas was inevitably there/doing what needed to be done with his calm ways and happy face ,reminding me it would actually get done.
And I loved Emily from the time of Annaliese's Christening,sitting on the front porch,drinking champagne,giggling with the joy of it all.
I've seen a lot of people get married over my time on earth,some whom only raised doubts, but these two,i prayed would find their way to it,because they are so JUICY together!!!
Hold tight, you two!
Sharon,aka Alexe's mom

Big Nick said...

i love you all!