Friday, August 24, 2012


Caspian has been acting decidedly three recently.  He fluctuates between affectionate, sweet child, to contrary, mouthy little butt. 

Alexe was the recipient of one of his sunshine moments:

Eating at the BTC.  Seems a waste of effort to write how delicious this was.  Just look at it.  

Annaliese is growing like a weed. (I noticed her foot the other day, it's huge!) The kids have recently taken to hiding in our closet, it's a multi-level fort now, and part of the game is playing dress up.

I had a night out with the boys: ping pong, pool, beer and pizza.  It was a hoot.

The other day Caspian declared he needed to build something with his blocks, and marched off.

He's been my shadow as we go about the errands in town, finalize various things for my upcoming trip, and visit/help Alexe at the store.

According to my maths, these should cover the dome.  I didn't want to do a dry run here, and have to re-fold all these tarps before leaving.  Nicholas and I will just get to figure it out onsite.

Too cool.

Dinner last night.  Prosciutto, mozzarella, pizza crust from the BTC, basil from the garden, sauce from Micucci's in Portland.  

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