Saturday, August 25, 2012

The send off.

Knowing Alexe is going to have a rough time of it while I am away, what with balancing the kids and the store, I waited until the last possible moment to leave.  This meant Saturday morning, to get Alexe through her always long Friday, and leave her with happy, clean kids in a happy, clean house.

That gave me a morning alone with Caspian, while Annaliese was at school, and a long afternoon/evening with both of them before Alexe came home from the store.

Caspian and I made ginger cookies and shortbread in the morning:

We stopped at the building to deliver cookies to the BTC ladies and do some land-lord stuff, (changing out air filters in the upstairs units, something I've been meaning to do, and a new tenant is moving in right now...)

Annaliese bathed and changed as soon as we picked her up and came home from school.  After dressing up and being rebuffed by her brother, she came to me to ask if we could get married, for pretend.  (This day getting married meant dancing together, not just spinning in a circle.)

We got married, for pretend, a few times.

Mixed in was laundry, house cleaning, making a beef stew to get Alexe through the next day or so, and packing the truck for the 26 hour drive out to Vegas, where Nicholas and I are meeting up, and heading another 8 hours North.

The kids weren't perfect: Annaliese did a fair amount of stealing at the store, and Caspian gorged on cookies and nectarines, then threw them up all over the house, but overall it was a nice amount of child-time before heading out for a couple weeks.

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