Saturday, December 28, 2013

Post-Christmas weekend...

We headed to Memphis the morning after Christmas to bring Boatie, (Alexe's '84 merc wagon,) to the mercedes specialist for a laundry list of repairs, and to hunt for a couch for the sun room.  With a.Eliza and her boyfriend Charlie arriving Friday night, and us very short on a place for them to sleep, looking through the post-Christmas sales seemed like a worthwhile way to spend the day, along with a bit of sock shopping for the kids.

They were still tuckered from a great Christmas, and this one snoozed while Caspian read a basket full of books peacefully on his side.

After dropping the car off and heading over to the clothes stores, and finally finding a parking spot, (oh, the joys of traffic congestion and densely populated areas,) we danced our way into a few clothes stores.

While Alexe tried on a pile of clothes, the kids and I amused ourselves in the waiting area of the changing rooms.  We had some deep conversations on where the real person was when there are endless reflections.

We hit up a few department stores to look at very expensive couches.

Which was fun for us, but didn't inspire any purchases.

Before heading home empty handed, we went back to the first store we started at, to a couch that we really liked, but had walked away from because it was white.  And we have two children.

But if it was still there, at a great price, with its downy goodness and expansive seating, and after the hordes of post-holiday shoppers had been through, maybe it was meant to be.

We still tried every other couch in the place, and every time I looked up, the kids and Alexe were piled on this one.  So we bought it, a big splurge, and I started the project of piling a large sectional onto the back of the truck for the 1.5 hour drive home.

There were two other couch-ish pieces of furniture that were on super sale that we had our eyes on.  Folks seemed to think it would be a stretch to load the first couch on the truck.  I had them hold the other two pieces, and after the sofa was loaded we bought the next one, and after that "fit", we bought the last one.

We made it home, with the truck cab solidly packed with us/cushions/new socks, and did some major re-arranging of the house.

As I type this the new super-comfy sectional is hosting its second movie watching. We finished the Potter series last night; this evening the family is tucked in with a.Eliza and Charlie for a classic, Hook, courtesy of Nonni.

It may not be white for long, but it's going to be comfortable for years to come.

Earlier this evening, after a delicious lasagna our house guests whipped together, the crew enjoyed some homemade light saber popsicles.  

Tomorrow, if the drizzle clears up, we'll make a day of firewood harvesting.  We'll put Charlie on the tractor, and a chainsaw in his hands, (after he gets off the tractor,) and send him back to the city with the country bug.

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