Sunday, January 19, 2014

Wrapping up the Holiday break.

I had to come home early to catch the sun.  This is a pre-equinox photo.

A Caspian and Annaliese prepared dinner.  The beverage was straight fresh squeezed lemon juice.

Apparently I was tired.  Annaliese took this at around 6 pm, and with a small interruption when Alexe made me go to bed, I was out for 13 hours.  The next day I felt amazing.

Family walk out by Wildcat preserve, with a.Eliza and Charlie.

While we had house-guests, on a Sunday morning, we managed to run the propane tank dry.  This is our first winter with the new radiant floor heat, and we had no idea what sort of propane usage we could expect.  And yes, I suppose someone could have checked the gauge at some point in the last four months.  

But living in a small town, the word went out and a few hours later a friend had lent us this propane tank, and hot showers were up and running.

a.Eliza with adoring niece and nephew.

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