Friday, February 27, 2015

September 2014

This month happened, and looking back on it from this cold February morning, there are a few pictures of our family activities in between the many of the Blu Buck project.

The kiddos waiting to go to soccer. 

This was right after the pair of Katahdin sheep joined the farm, making the world feel complete.  

Our farm boy, taking scraps out to the chickens. 

Sidelines of a soccer game, this young lady was practicing her selfy-skills.  There are nicer ones of her, but she managed to catch me picking my nose in most of them.

This little rock star went from a star-gazing-on-his-back-in-the-middle-of-the-field 4 year old to a ball and goal focused 5 year old athlete.

We fit in a little firewood cutting. My helpers managed the snack supplies on the tractor, and walked back to the house to replenish them periodically.

Watching these two roam through their world makes our hearts explode daily.

Courtesy of Alexe.

A little hammock time.  

Donut making.  Despite the obsession with the project downtown last year, I kept the weekend sacred, and Saturdays until 3 were adventure time with these cherubs until Alexe came home.  

Then family time starts, and runs until paperwork time on Sunday night.  

One of the many joys of living in a small town:  If your cow is running around the fields with a bucket stuck on her head, you'll get half a dozen calls from concerned citizens, and can pop home to pull it off.

Annaliese in her first grade classroom, with her first first-grade teacher.  There have been a few.

A couple of the local boys, the one on the left works at the pharmacy, the one on the right is a volunteer firefighter, playing music during the Art Crawl.

The prettiest wall flower.

From housing at Burning Man to jungle-gym in a field in Mississippi, this geodesic has finally found a new home and purpose.

Random photo op while walking up the street. These kids belong to Annaliese's current first grade teacher.

We hatched some monarchs, a huge treat here, where a local enthusiast ordered milkweed seeds off the internet and has single-handedly brought monarchs to town, and is now sharing them in chrysalis form with the local kids.

I sat for a portrait.  

Alexe has been battling third-baby desires.  Her tactic is to borrow other people's babies at every opportunity, and return them the moment they start getting fussy.  It's kiiind of working.

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