Friday, February 27, 2015

October 2014

Something's happening at the chicken water bucket, though I couldn't say what.

Annaliese was a Star Student, and received a medal at a special parent-breakfast.

We've re-constituted the classroom in my office above the BTC, and Caspian assembled the floor padding by himself.  If it hasn't been mentioned before, he is a very fastidious young man, and puzzles or puzzle-like projects are definitely in his wheel-house.

While Caspian has been focused on the game this year, Annaliese comes to soccer for the times when she is not on the field.


I cherish this picture.  Annaliese is running towards the ball, is at the head of the pack, and looks like she's intending to kick the ball.

The rest of the action-shots from this season show a very pretty young girl running up and down the field, always on the outer edge of the pack, easily keeping pace with the rest of the players, but showing no interest in trying to go faster than anyone, or getting too close to the ball.

An impromptu post-game trip to Oxford for some late night sushi.

Boatie getting a thorough cleaning.

This boy and his animals.

A little cider-making.

Paper mache giant ant project.

Sure bed time was a while ago, but look at the productive things I've been up to?


Pretty lady.

Getting rained out.

Stolen from Alexe's phone, she has a knack for forcing the kids into sibling pictures.

This little one greets me every day when I get home, running out with a big smile and fully suited up to help with the feeding time chores.

This came through town.

Andy, the head of the electrical department and a good friend, who besides helping put up a dozen meters, swinging by to lend us a crane when we need to move things to the roof, and taking down power lines when we need to work around them, also has some rope-braiding skills from time on shrimp boats down in the gulf. He came by to braid the new rope on the elevator.

This one is growing like an inch worm.  He goes to bed looking puffy and wakes up looking like a skeleton and standing an inch taller.

We still haven't found a human related use for these, but there's something so satisfying about gathering them.  The pigs have been enjoying them.

My helpers on a HD run.

Alexe took a trip to Greenwood to speak at a conference.  The kids and I went for a walk/run in the back pasture.

Followed by some time on the dome.

And a dinner of pasta and asparagus.

And some apple-sauce making.

Some time later.  Someone here is faking.

For some reason the boys were left on their own.  We made do.  I drew on his foot.

He drew on mine.

We caught salamanders.  Or geckos.  Lizards?

Our mama pig, sometimes called Sarah the Pig, sometimes Petunia, mostly just the mama pig, had babies.  10 of them.

They were adorable, and the first animals to be born on the farm. 

Doing his chores.  They each get $2 on Sunday if they do their chores every day.

Um.  Lookout world.

We like our traditions.

Caspian was zorro, Annaliese was a princess fairy.  We joined the usual crew in the neighborhood for Trick or Treating.

She can make anything look adorable, even the rejected parts of a 6 year old's Halloween costume.

A friend of Caspian's.  

We've been trick or treating with Billy since he and Annaliese were less than a year old.

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