Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Christopher Coughlin turns 70!

To make a big deal out of this fella on his 70th birthday, my sisters and I coordinated a little birthday surprise.  I took off early on Saturday morning, flew into Albany, and drove to my parent's house to walk through the door and give this flustered couple big hugs.

We turned around and went back to the Irish pub in Ludlow for dinner.

He looks pretty good for 70.  I owe much of who I am to this man.

The whole family was there.

Quite the crew.

My sisters.

Before rocketing home again on Monday I stopped in to visit my mother at her school. The contrast between the well funded New England school, bright and shiny and only a few years old, and what is available in our part of the country, was tough.  I think this is the music room.

The lovely, bright, well stocked library.  I relied heavily on the school libraries in my youth, and took for granted their overflowing shelves.  We have some work to do on the Water Valley schools.

Happy that my mother has such a cheerful working environment.

While I was jet setting, Alexe and the kids were having their own adventures in Water Valley. I made it home on Monday evening, and found this note on my pillow.

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