Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Summer Vacation Part IV: Serenity

With one chunk of family visiting behind us, and long stretch coming up, we hopped on airbnb and found a secluded little cabin in southern Pennsylvania right over the Maryland line. It was tucked into a little valley, with a brook curling around the back yard.

Annaliese was in a funk when we arrived.  But still wanted to play in the brook.

We had stopped at Trader Joe's before leaving DC, and possibly a few farm stands, they all blur together, but we had a cabin full of tasty food, a brook, books, and each other.  Heaven.

We took an evening hike down the brook.

It was the coldest water the kids had felt all summer.  

We built a dam, and raised the water level a good 18 inches.  Coupled with the depth we gained by moving all the rocks up and out for the dam, we had a decent little swimming hole.  Building this was hugely fun, the kids stuck with it for hours, and Alexe merrily read on the bank next to us.

Caspian was the first to go all the way in.

Followed very quickly by Annaliese.  

We took a hike down the valley and up one side, and managed to come down a trail that ended in someone's backyard.  We were trying to be sneaky, a concept which Caspian has some difficulty grasping.

They tried.

This young man was jonesing for a fish.  It didn't happen here, but he didn't have long to wait.

Refreshed and ready for the next chunk of family visiting, we hopped back in the Volt and headed to BG in Northern PA.

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