Sunday, July 26, 2015

Summer Vacation Part V (section B): Blooming Grove Supplement

These extra pictures were found in Alexe's phone.  Too adorable to leave out of the family diary.

From the July 3rd family picnic:

u.Ted smoked the filets from the large fish Caspian caught, and the whole trout Annaliese caught. 

At some point later in the evening Caspian and u.Ted disappeared and returned with more fish.

The five beautiful Nicault cousins, and our two fine specimens. These pictures of all the kids only exist because Alexe is fanatical about rounding them all up for a once a year group photo.  It's fun to tease her as she tries again and again to get a picture without a grimace or a stuck out tongue, but they are absolutely worth her efforts.

Annaliese and Celeste heading off to something.

Caspian and Aurelia.  

Post-dinner, pre-barn dance round of the limbo.

Caspian caught this little one all on his own.  His cheeks barely survived the smiling workouts.

This is another one.  All the other kids were swimming. 

A quick snapshot before we pried the kids away and threw them into the car for the drive North.

And a few minutes later...  

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