Friday, November 27, 2015

Fall 2015 Catchup Part 1

There has been soccer.  This year the kids were on the same team, a scheduling convenience for us, and they were both eager to play.

Our friends who recently moved to the Valley have a brunch one Sunday a month.  Good food, good company, the kids join the pack on Panola Street, and every now and again I have the opportunity to lose at a game of pick-up basketball.

A family walk in the back pastures.  Getting these two girls out of the house can be a struggle; Alexe was relaxing with a book and a cup of tea, Annaliese was dressing herself up as a zombie school-girl.

The kids managed to put several holes in the pond liner.  As we pumped it out to prepare for repairs, the kids did their best to rescue as many tadpoles as possible. 

Art Crawl, 2015.  Alexe and I bought each other a painting for our 10th anniversary.  You'll have to visit to see it...

Wandering the town during the Art Crawl, I looked over and saw life hanging out of the upstairs windows of the BTC.  A happy sight.

Part of the deal with having apartments, no matter how much effort you put in up front, you still get calls early on a Sunday morning about a leaking faucet.  It's not so bad when your helper comes along and "helps" by reading comics on the couch while you remove an expensive kitchen faucet that has failed twice in its first 6 months of use, and replace it with a different brand.  Equally expensive, but German instead of Swedish. 

Afternoons at the  BTC.

Caspian once again took his chestnut harvest seriously this year.  His mother's son, he sells them to her by the bucket, she marks them up and resells them at the BTC.  

Our first generation of home-grown goats.  Both these mothers had twins within an hour of each other.

Block party across town.

They played harder this year than any previously. Alexe and I swapped out game nights, so most of the action is recorded as video to share with Alexe. The pictures tend to be from the rest periods.

A little side project, prepping the for the cold winter ahead.  And after several years of pondering a woodshed, the location and materials fell into place.

Some local drama, the new school superintendent fired the popular principal a few weeks into the school year.  Loud public opinions, and an official public hearing, followed.  We still don't have official word on the outcome.

Evenings in the kitchen.

There was a board meeting for BCCA (Base Camp Coding Academy) that I needed to attend on a Saturday morning in Oxford.  The kids accompanied me to the coffee shop where our board had decided to knock out a few quick items, and made me proud.  Their public behavior is hit or miss when they're together, (they're much more civilized when apart,) but this time they sank into their boredom and patiently waited for the meeting to finish.

Afterwards we wandered Oxford, and Caspian visited with a police officer in his cruiser.

When the kids rise early on a Sunday and decide to sneak a movie without waking us up.

For her u.William.

Parent breakfast at Caspian's school.  Alexe covered Annaliese's while I was in Jackson for a presentation, and Alexe had to work on this morning, so we made it into a boy-date.  

Alexe was needed in DC for a.Eliza's engagement party on the weekend of their birthday, (the sisters were born on the same day, 5 years apart,) so we celebrated Alexe's 33rd a few days early.

Annaliese is going through a sporadic phase of camera shyness.

One of the joys of children: the late night return home and carrying a warm, snuggly body from the car to its bed.  And then looking up and seeing the shelves above your daughter's bed covered in signs, mostly warnings to her little brother.  

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