Friday, November 27, 2015

Fall 2015 Catchup Part 3

There's one last section of land that needs fencing installed around it.  I put together a fencing wagon, and when I have a few hours I head into the woods to tinker.

Brother and sister napping in the feed trough.  

Annaliese and Caspian were invited to a birthday/fishing party out in the country.  

Annaliese feels much the way I do about fishing.  (3 tiny fish were caught in a couple hours of fishing by many kids and adults. It was probably my fault.)

Caspian loves it.  And takes the lack of fish very hard.  u.Ted has spoiled him.

Push ups in the kitchen.  Because.

A Caspian block tower.  They're impressive, and frequent.

Someone may have stolen my phone for this one.

Annaliese set up a tattoo parlor in the kitchen.  Showing my latest body art off to Alexe... I think she told me to do more pushups.  If she didn't I know she was thinking it.


u.c.Nick came to visit!  At the same time that u.Nick and a.Emily came to town!  Picked all three up at the airport on Friday.

These cousins...

I think this is the first time we have had both godfathers with the kids at the same time.

We played, we went to Main Street for a pumpkin lighting and community scary story reading.  The kids carved pumpkins for this with their respective godparents.  Alexe read one of the scary stories.

We walked the two blocks down to the brewery, and with some takeout from the Crawdad Hole, we made a dinner party.  Alexe kindly took the kids home, and the rest of us stayed at the brewery until and hour and a half past closing.  We walked Nicholas and Emily up the street to their hotel room at Blu Buck, and Nick and I hiked home.

The next morning, in a steady drizzle, we harvested one of the pigs, and started the endless process of scalding, scraping, and cleaning her in preparation for the pig roast the next day.

She was much larger than I thought.  In the pasture she was standing next to her mother, and didn't look so big.  Turns out her mother is over 600 lbs.

With the pig butterflied, salted, and iced, we suited up and headed over for the annual Halloween party at the Tatums.  Annaliese was a woodland princess, who would not stand still for a picture, Alexe was a weird pretty stranger, Caspian was a friendly dragon, and I went as Death, an homage to the dear departed Terry Pratchett.  

Nick borrowed my scythe.

Nicholas and Emily came in very impressive Ghostbusters costumes.

I don't know who took this, but I was tickled to find it.  My best friend and me.

Much later we came home, tucked the kids in bed, and Emily impressed us all by starting a giant bonfire out of damp logs, without the many chemical accelerants we kept trying to incorporate.

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