Friday, August 26, 2016

Cousin Hazel! (and his parents.) Part 1

Cousin Hazel and his parents made the long trek down to Virginia from Vermont to spend a couple days with us at the lake-less Mountain Lake Lodge.  This was the first opportunity for Alexe, Annaliese, and Caspian to meet their first nephew/first cousin.

Such a happy kid.  

His parents were exhausted after their long drive, (we arrived at the lodge the day before and had a leisurely morning and hike before they arrived.)

The boys.

Annaliese and Caspian took caring for Hazel very seriously.

As did a.Alexe.  

The bocce ball court.

The lodge, and the fire pit where s'mores could be had/made each evening.

Snacking on the cabin porch.

Evening stroll through the dry lake bed.  Had the lake been present we could have been enjoying a lovely paddle/row/sail at this point, but due to some drain holes that developed in this mountain-top lake, the water flows out as fast as it flows in.

The pictures on the website, and all over the lodge, are lovely.  

The company mostly made up for the missing water.

Hazel slept in our room to give his parents a respite, and our kids were all about playing with their cousin at the crack of dawn.

No lake, but many lovely hikes up the surrounding mountains.

With nice views.  The next generation right there.

Such a cute young family.  A classic look of confused happiness overlaid on exhaustion, with the oblivious cause of all this merrily looking around.

Snack break.

Emergency trail-side diaper change.  It takes a village.

More cool forrest-based concrete water tanks.

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