Monday, August 22, 2016

Sitting on the dock of the pond...

So we have a pond now, or the potential for a pond if it ever rains.  

And before the water level rises too far, I thought we should get our dock squared away.  Turns out there was no reason to rush, but at the time I was optimistic.

Two 24 foot long pressure treated timbers, 10" x 6".  I had to have these puppies made at the pressure treating plant in Grenada, and they were heavier than expect when I went to pick them up.  The drive home was more than a little nerve racking.  One particular set of railroad tracks I crossed convinced me they were going to crush me and the truck cab.

That didn't happen, and they made it home and were successfully shoved off the truck.

This is where they were heading.  Thick wall PVC pipe, 6" diameter, buried 4 ft down, and filled with reinforced concrete.  I don't plan on redoing this dock for a while.

The timbers were beyond my ability to lift even one end.  However, getting one end into the bucket of the tractor, chaining it in place, and strategically backing down the hill, I was able to set them in place one at a time.

A little framing with ceramic coated screws, and we have the foundations of a deck.

It's 1/2" narrower at the land end, but all things considered I'm pleased. Now I'm waiting for a sale on composite deck boards.  

Alexe came to visit.

It's been almost 2 months since the frame of the dock was completed. The spring is doing it's best, but with no rain the water level is rising sooooo slowly.  Plenty of time left to wait for a sale on decking.

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