Thursday, January 26, 2017

Between Christmas and heading to D.C.

The chickens roam all over the place, and often when I walk into my shop I spook a few out, and others take to the rafters.  After experiencing a truly horrible smell in there, I asked Alexe to join me for an egg hunt.  We found over 50.  

Getting close to planting season in the hoop house, I went down to turn the soil over.

And disk it out.  Only to be reminded by Alexe that the soil would really benefit from some extra nutrition, and would I mind...

30 trips back and forth with the tractor, and we had most of the barn yard down in the hoop house.

With the barn yard mixed in, and new fencing running down the exterior sides to keep the horned animals from tearing up the plastic walls, Alexe decided it was adequately prepared for her.

We took off to Columbus to visit Claire, (and her parents.) We spent a few days exploring their neighborhood, visiting the library...

Going out to a lantern festival...

These two have been friends since their days together on the Vanderbilt rugby team. 

These three get along very well.  Only the smallest of third-wheel friction, which is a miracle considering the age ranges.

He loves them.

And sometimes, when they run off in a book store, he finds a book to keep him company until they come back.

Claire does an amazing job balancing the affection of our two smitten kiddoes.

We went to the movies, in a theater with recliners.  The luxuries afforded to densely populated areas, where the cost is spread around a giant customer base, are fun to visit.  The lines... a pleasant reminder of the trade off for those luxuries.

Our final evening, we were treated to a magic show / circus, where cameras were strictly forbidden by the performers.

Home again, Caspian returned to a project he had started during the pond-steps project.  He loves to cut down trees with my hatchet; this is the largest one he has ever taken on.

We had a father-son date, where I cashed in my Christmas present at Turnages, a $5 gift certificate courtesy of Caspian.

Slightly tricky on his part, giving away a milkshake to me and himself.

When you can't find Caspian, pause and listen.  If you hear rhythmic whacking he's out working on his tree; if you don;t he's curled up somewhere devouring a book.

Our little girl, on the other hand, is full of vim and vigor, and ready to turn 9.

She had an early birthday party with friends, including bowling and a pizza party.

Followed on the real day by a family party at home.  She requested sloppy joes for dinner, and her mama raced home from work to make that happen.  Alexe takes birthdays very seriously, and insists on making whatever dinner the birthday person requests, as well as whatever cake.  Possibly she does this to lead by example, but the result is some pretty great birthdays.

The go to choice for our family, Cora's chocolate buttermilk cake.

And our little girl was suddenly 9.  Early the next morning I was rolling towards DC.

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