Thursday, January 26, 2017

Pond steps project...

The pile of surplus stone that was gifted to us was calling out for something to do.  Last fall I took a couple of the larger pieces, originally intended as wall cap stones for a hotel, down to the dock to see how they would look as steps.

They looked nice, but there was no easy way to transport the stones, roughly 5 inches thick, 24 inches across, and close to 4 feet wide, down this slope. If I had to guess at their weight I would say more than 300 lbs each.  The tractor could safely make it to the top of the hill, but they required human power from the fence line, and to be hoisted into place after a suitable platform was dug out of the hillside.

Some time in early December Alexe had a day off, so I decided to stay close and find a farm project.  I spent all day dragging, (too heavy for the wheelbarrow or garden cart,) digging, and hoisting.  Alexe came to visit once, and comment on what a mess I was making with the styrofoam the stones had been shipped with.

After that day I took a break of several weeks.  Yes, we had a lot of these puppies.

Christmas break came along, and I suddenly had chattering little people to keep me company, so we headed back to this corner of the farm.

My helpers were easily distracted.  

But!  I persevered, and by the end of the day we had 33 stone steps in place, above the dock that still doesn't have a composite deck on it.  Silly folks think that stuff is worth its weight in gold.

I think they're going to settle in nicely.  And if not, oh well, this is where they're staying.

After some heavy rains in January the pond is starting to fill up.  The dam had to be wrapped in plastic after the hay, erosion cloth, and seeding was all ineffective.  We'll try sod in the spring.

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