Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A good life.

Things we have done in Oxford in the past 6 weeks:

Rollerskating on a Friday night at the local rink. Watching my adorable wife cruise around in a circle surrounded by a flock of very skilled skaters half her height. We were giants in a wholesome southern version of chucky cheese, on a Friday night. We had fun, even though it was hard to shake the feeling that we were a little out of place.

A Saturday afternoon trip to find the Amish community of Mississippi. I think it'll be more interesting to go snooping on a hot Summer day.

Evening walks at Rowan Oak with our pooches. (Faulkner's house.)

Going to the movies on Sunday night for 7.50 each. (The new Bond movie was very good, even though the financing family has a foul member.)

A dinner party with my boss and some coworkers, where the CEO attended and brought his family.

Sunday afternoon volleyball with an older group of professor types at a volleyball court in the middle of nowhere. Park on the side of the road and hike in.

Monday evening basketball with a co-ed group of coworkers and their significant others.

Late night walmart crawl, without feeling skeezy.

Saturday night at the Old Truck Theater. Four hours of bands and story telling in a barn, with the performers on the back of an old flatbed truck. $5 a head.

Fender bender with a car load of locals, the driver in her ninth month, and having her taken to the hospital in what might be labor. (She's fine, didn't go into labor. I was driving.)

Meeting my wife for a leisurely lunch at the sushi place downtown, and being back to work within the hour.

Striking up a conversation with John Hodgman on a Sunday afternoon while relaxing on the balcony at Square Books.

Go for long drives in the country, (on our never ending search for a farm) just minutes from the town center.

Read my wife's writing in the local paper.

Get scrumptious BBQ from a fellow with a weekend booth at the end of our road.

Go to Pilates four days a week. (That's Alexe, but it's a hoot to have a wife who does that.)

See familiar faces everywhere, and exchange greetings on the street after only 6 weeks of living here.

Spend an afternoon playing basketball in front of the office building, getting to know my developers. Worrying about how it looks and who's watching, until I realize it's an excellent way to spend my time, and no one will question me.

Spending a Sunday afternoon (when volleyball was cancelled) lying in a field with Alexe, talking about all sorts of things, as the two pooches investigated various things. Middle of nowhere, a 10 minute drive from the house we're renting.

Not needing a jacket to go outside, even though it's almost December.

I'm sure Alexe will remind me of things I've left out.
But it's a good life.

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