Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Not as novel today

So yesterday I found there were a couple articles about me in the news, and today I have heard from some friends that there are more.

I think it's fun to have some hits on google now, beyond the excellent copy Nicholas created for me on his site a few years ago. (Those pictures are pretty fun, and still up, if you want to go looking.)

It's an odd transition, from worker bee to decision making public face of a company. Odd in a fun, fulfilling, and well paid way.

One more toot of my horn:



Anonymous said...

Remember to tell me when you're actually important :)

yer wife

Moonpie said...

you think they included the bit about your educational background just to let people know you're not as educated as your resume makes you sound?

smartinof4steve said...

My 19 yr old sister everyone.
Thanks for the love and support.