Thursday, November 23, 2006


Thanksgiving day.

We're about to head over to the house of some friend's across town. I stayed up late last night making pies. We're on the hook for 7, but since the refresher course in physics last night, we've only got 6.

(Quick explanation of that. I set a hot cherry pie on a non-stick cooling rack on the counter. Turned my back. It slid off the friction-free cooling rack, hit the counter with enough momentum to carry it to the edge of the counter, and then tipped off the edge. Hot glass pie dish, full of steaming cherry pie filling, landing upside down on a tile kitchen floor, at 1 am = no cherry pie from me.)

As you all know, we recently moved South. We left the freezing temperatures of VT, (literally, end of Sept was frost-season) and arrived in Mississippi to the equivalent of late August in VT. And it hasn't really changed for 6 weeks.

Alexe is on a towel on the back deck right now sunning herself after her shower.

It's late November.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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