Saturday, April 28, 2007

Day 2, Alexe's home

I spent all last evening and night in our new beautiful building. And then was up at 7:20 this morning, pondering things in bed, so after breakfast, and pooch duties, and some laundry, I was back to work a bit before 9. Pictures follow.

I had to quit at 4 to meet Alexe in Oxford for the DoubleDecker festival. They closed off the square and had two huge stages, hundreds of booths with both food and art. A good time.

Back to work tomorrow, after church, and this time with Alexe's help.

(Work was interrupted today by the appraiser, and two of his friends who came back to look at all the old wallpaper left from the Masonic Temple that used to be in the building. The upper half of a huge room, above the false ceiling, is still completely lined in the stuff. Interesting patterns. They tried to take a full square, couldn't ge it off. I told them they could have a single pattern piece when got up to that room, and if the mason's wanted to come remove a full panel (about 6 x 8 ft) I'd consider it if they'd rehab the whole brick wall they took it from. :) )

Oh, and I also got an AARP card pre-filled out for me. A bit depressing.

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