Friday, April 20, 2007


The bmw is back in one piece!

Turns out the thermostat went.

Took the removing of the radiator, fan, fan clutch, belts, water pump, and thermostat to figure that out. (Had I removed the thermostat first, this wouldn't have been the case. Lesson learned.)

After reassembling everything with a new thermostat and a fan shroud that needed some zip ties to hold it together after I finished with it, there was an odd dripping of coolant.

When the thermostat stuck shut, the pressure built up to the point of making the cast aluminum of the goose-neck porous at one of the seams. Not cracked, so I could have seen it before reassembling everything, just porous.

Took a week to get it in the mail.

On to our Friday night.

Have a great weekend everyone.
I'll try to post news on how our thing at Morgan Freeman's house goes over the weekend.

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