Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Soothing evening

Alexe is reading on the couch across the room.

I'm sitting here in front of the computer, listening to Andy McKee (Go to youtube, listen to this guy. Acoustic guitar, so pleasant and relaxed, and fast. amazing fingers on this guy. Big, bald, with a bushy beard. I have him playing in the background.)

Looks like we're going to close on the building this week. We came to an agreement on the price, attorneys are working, structural engineer has mapped the entire building, bank is ready to cut a check. I'm a bit excited. I should be able to move my workshop in over the weekend while Alexe is in Alabama visiting her friend Stinkie, and probably get to work with the sledge hammer. :) Ok, more than a bit excited.

I'm also shopping for a scissor lift as I sit here. Gonna need it. Found one in Alabama, checking to see if it's under 32" wide, which it needs to be to fit through the upstairs doorways. That's an invaluable tool when it comes to big, high ceilings and possible high sheetrock work on the walls.

So, went to Morgan Freeman's house on Saturday with Alexe and Ace. Alexe was working for the local paper, Ace was an invited local writer, I came on his wife's ticket, as she was at her sister's bachelorette party in NC.

Not a great time. Beautiful ground, but Morgan wasn't there, and while the literary event had some talented writers who read, (including Ruby Dee), each read for about 40 minutes, and we were stuck on folding chairs, with poor food, and no time to mingle.

Ace took us to Ground Zero afterwards, Morgan Freeman's club in Clarksdale, MS. It's a forced version of an old Juke joint. The place is run down, plastered with writing and names all over the wall, dingy, pool tables. It's pretty neat, and we had a good time listening to the band and playing pool, but Ace told us the whole place was designed by a Hollywood-ish crew. They came in, aged everything, and it has a bit of that movie set feel, slightly plastic and fake.

Alexe and I didn't get back for bed until just before 12. It was a shock to the system.

We went to a local church on Sunday morning. We've been commuting up to a small country church, but we thought it's be nice to explore the local, walkable churches. Didn't realize they started at 10:50, walked in the wrong door 10 minutes late. But it was very pleasant, no hate from the pulpit, which makes my stomach clench, and a very welcoming crowd. (I'm always surprised at how many people Alexe already knows. She a celebrity down here, and she's always introducing me to some person she just loves.)

We planted the rest of our seeds, tomato plants, and pepper plants tonight.

We also put on our new Mississippi plates on the car and truck. No turning back now.

Sleep tight everyone, or good morning.

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