Thursday, January 10, 2008

Day 4

(These are probably going to be pure "what's been happening" kinds of posts.)

Everything's going well.

Alexe is getting a couple hours of personal time while Annaliese snoozes in her sling on my chest. She's been eating up a storm, but miraculously is also sleeping for hours at a time. This phenomenon didn't start until around 7 this morning, so the night wasn't the most restful.

The little one was fidgety most of the night, and by 5 in the morning Alexe was long overdue for a break. I took over, and must say, nothing feels quite as big an accomplishment as getting a very upset bundle of lungs to fall asleep. She yelled at me for almost an hour, but when those little eyes closed, I vaulted for the bed and got in a good hour of sleep with Little A lying next to me in the crook of my arm. (A and I are making use of the guest bedroom for taking care of the crying little one. It allows the other one of us get some sleep even at the loudest of times.)

An hour later the little mouth was searching for something to suck on again, so Alexe took over, and miracle of miracles, on a full stomach Annaliese fell asleep again and A and I had a nice couple hours rest.

Turns out Shadow is afraid of Annaliese. I tried another bonding moment between the two of them, and Shadow very quickly exited the room.

I've been to the local library, and Alexe is well stocked with mystery novels. (How might Alexe be stocked with books, kinda a stretch of the grammatical rules, you might say? Oh shush.)

Also bought some walkie talkies for me and Alexe, which turned out to be worthless, so they're going back to Fred's. While our house is not all that expansive, it's not so easy to hear Alexe calling me from the guest room over the sound of crying baby, NPR (silence just wasn't working for our tired brains), the never ending laundry and dishwasher cycles, and me clanging pots and pans or sweeping. Oh yes, the house is spotless.

I'm feeling some squirming in the sling, so I'm off.


Anonymous said...

Shadow will be less afraid if you introduce her to little A thusly: when A is cheerful in her sling, sit down on the floor and let Shadow approach. Also, offer Shadow an occasional sniff of a used diaper. Shadow just wants to know where A fits into her pack...

I love the blog. Can't wait for the pix!

Auntie M

Carrefour said...

we used walkie talkies, too. You get what you pay for, though.

You can borrow ours--they're decent...