Saturday, January 5, 2008

Petunia seems to be cozy where she is

And it's driving my darling young bride nuts.

Alexe is not the most patient person in the world, as many of you may know. She's the sort of person who opens Christmas presents early, looks through my Amazon account periodically to check on what might be for her, will decide she is ready to go for a walk when I have just stepped into the shower, and rather than wait, will sit on the toilette and glare at me until I'm ready.

We've filled these past 2 weeks or so, (we're only 8 days past the due date, but were prepared for Petunia the day after Christmas) with some really pleasant together time. Lots of long walks, lounging, we've read through a huge pile of library books, (I've made it through 5 Terry Pratchett books in the past 10 days, imagine what Alexe has read.) Watched a few Cary Grant movies, Arsenic and Old Lace most recently. Many bathe, a bit of working on the ole' building, replacing the kitchen door, cleaning the cars, installing the car seat, turning up the garden, listening to lots of public radio, etc. etc. Generally puttering around the house, making lots of food, and lamenting the need to return to money-making activities in the near future that make this sort of life style a "vacation" instead of the norm.

It's a dreary, rainy Saturday, with the pooches still tuckered from our long walk yesterday. A is reading in bed, periodically calling out for a bit of reassurance that she's doing just fine.

There's a chicken stew on the stove, a heater blowing gently on my feet, and it's a blessed life.

Some pictures from our walk yesterday:

Big ole bird that kept crossing our path. We never saw it, just these huge tracks.

Filthy little Dido. This required a bath and scissors to clean up.

Shadow and her stick.

Shadow and her stick, and me.

Isn't she lovely?


Cheerios everyone. When there is some News, you'll be some of the first to know.


Carrefour said...

I saw the words Petunia and cozy when I first pulled up your blog and got all crazy excited for a split second. I imagined her snug in her crib with all this rain pouring down. Dang it.

That kid is already smart--much warmer where she is.

Happy thoughts your way--and rest up.

Big D said...

I fully agree with carrefour! I saw "cozy" and "Petunia" and thought "!!!!" - and then I read your post... AND THEN I READ THE EMAIL!


It is overwhelming the original purpose of responding, which was to say - if I had been the baby, *I* wouldn't have wanted to leave, either.

XOXOXO to you guys!

Elita said...

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