Friday, January 11, 2008

Day 5

Everything is great.

The day has been beautiful. We have all the doors open, and the sun has been streaming in. After yesterday's incredible day-long storms, with Tornadoes flying by in surrounding counties and NPR constantly interrupting their programming to extend the warning periods and read off the counties effected, it's a very pleasant change.

Alexe is doing very well. A few hours after my last changing session, I started to notice things around the house. There are these throw rugs that I really can't stand but Alexe insists on putting in front of all the exterior doors; in the big house clean up I did on Monday I laundered, folded, and hid them in the closet. This morning they found their way back to the floors. My alarm clock was repositioned on my night stand, the crib which has been functioning as my convenient changing station had been completely re-organized, (mind you I'm the only one changing diapers at this point, you would think I would get to do it my way) and the love seat had been plumped.

So Alexe is doing just fine.

Annaliese is also doing very well. She was having some eye goop problems with her right eye, but after a day of breast-milk, it's cleared right up. (Amazing stuff, this breast milk.)

She's sleeping for longer periods of time, and also staying awake, without crying, for longer periods. Her nose is growing out from the flattened state it was in right after birth, and her eyes are lightening. (I'm putting a nickle on Blue. One nickle, that is, for all of you to split if I'm wrong.)

Since her massive cleansing of the bowels that activity has slowed down, and she is pooming up a storm. (Pooming seems to be an unfamiliar term to some, it means "pooting", or if you must be so vulgar, "farting".) She's doesn't seem to mind, and it's really amusing to carry her around and feel the little bubbling on her butt.

She's making up for it with lots of pee.

I've got a little video I'm going to try to upload here. It's a little long, and may give you motion sickness, but I really wanted to catch one of her yawns. They're adorable.

OK, the upload failed (the file was almost 90 mb), so click on this link:


CresceNet said...
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Anonymous said...

Every time i check back to see the pictures, there are less of them. now we're down to 8????


Able Ponder said...

yah got to go through the link you were emailed, yo

Big D said...

When I was born, they handed me to my grandfather, and I promptly pooped all over him.
When my mom's secretary's daughter, Jenna, had her baby, Kaiden, he was a great poomer (love that word, btw), much to the delight of all of us.

K, I agree with you about those throw rugs - they are irritating, but might not be so irritating if you got some of that carpet sticky-ish stuff. I used double-sided tape to try to keep one of mine down and now it's permanently stuck to the floor, even with the rug ripped up. ::sigh:: Good to hear that A's back to her old rounds.

you may need to get a youtube account just to keep us all well-stocked with Annaliese videos, i'm having hit-or-miss success with picasa... and i demand lots of digital baby goodness!!!!!