Tuesday, December 23, 2014

August 2014

We took a little time to restock the family food reserves.  

Day 2 of school, Annaliese is more resigned to the idea of her brother being in her school.

She's a funny duck.

A care-package from the grandparents included a nerf shooter...

And a helicopter.

Not sure where these came from.

Annaliese and Billy have known each other since they were born.  He turned 7, and despite the huge water slide outside, these two were on the Wii.  (I had no idea Annaliese knew how to play a Wii.)

Jerry, my mason who worked with me for 10 months on the Blu-Buck buildings, is also a prize-winning watermelon grower.  This year the strange weather upset his melons and they stopped growing early, but he still brought them to work and parked them on Main Street with the tailgate down so people could admire them.

Two front teeth lost!

A rare occasion where someone else made the pancakes.  

Alexe put a lot of effort into Annaliese's lemonade stand.  Annaliese turned out to be a grumpy, shy, and self-conscious sales-girl, and grumpily served out her lemonade as quickly as possible.  She also left out the best part of her sign, because it was too frivolous.  It was supposed to read "Annaliese's Fabulous Lemonade Stand."

Pretty girls at the pool.

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