Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Kaboom! There went June.

Note: These are posts started in August, and never published.  Finishing them, with vague memories of what they were about.  Today is the 23rd of December.

I haven't written in this diary for over a month, and July just flashed by.
Annaliese starts 1st grade next week, and Caspian starts Kindergarten.
There are three months left to finish all the buildings.
It's Watermelon Carnival weekend.

And a bunch of things have happened in the past six weeks.

Caspian and I played with Legos.

We went to a book reading and snack time at the library.

Alexe won an award for being the best Main Street Business Owner of the Year in Mississippi.

Birthday parties were attended.

Alexe and I took a few drives around MS, and everywhere we went, my crazy grocer found other groceries to visit and obsess over.

The kids broke through their competitive, bickering status quo to miss each other and have a sleepover in the sun room.

Farm activities, Mississippi style, were engaged in.

Happy times.

Alexe grew sunflowers and put them in every room of the house.  Caspian ate... everything.

So did Annaliese.

Alexe worked in her garden, and I took a moment to recline and watch her.

We walked to and from church a couple times, when we had a spark of energy left on our single day off each week.

Other times, we took naps.  Some of us.

The pancake and waffle train continues to visit at least once a week.

And these kiddos love each other.  Give them five minutes with no adult attention, and they're suddenly best friends.

Our farm continues to make us bone-deep happy.

The comfort with technology continues to grow.  We've since cut the internet at our house.

At other times the tensions run high between the little ones.

Alexe has struggled with having my creative energies spent away from home during the day, and has taken to decorating projects that include her actively doing the project, rather than directing from a nearby perch while enjoying a cup of tea.  The results have been mixed, but the process is always adorable.

The farm grows.  Everyone seems happy.

Family walks are taken, and the pups join us more often then not.  

Leashes are improvised.

*sigh*  Happy in a picture.

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