Tuesday, December 23, 2014

July/August, 2014

Annaliese, participating in an art show.  Caspian is in the mix somewhere, mostly wrestling with his best friend Graham.

One of our favorite young ladies from down the street.

As I recall, Alexe was tuckered, so the kids and I went to the Watermelon Carnival while she went to bed.  It's a big event for our little town.

The kids were tuckered as well, but I sugared them up, and we hit the carnival.

Annaliese made it to the top without a problem.  Caspian, who climbs everything, decided halfway up it was too high, and melted down.  You never know.

This town is full of Caspian fans.

Busy times at the BTC.

First front tooth lost!

I don't know where these came from.  

My little helpers on a water run for the worksite.

Also helping me fill in the flower beds in the courtyard.

I think the young boy might have gone after his mother with a squirt gun.  She retaliated.


Annaliese was not very thrilled to have her little brother crashing her party.

He was so pumped.  She was, peeved.

A bright, cheerful room.  Annaliese's was too, and the best part, her brother was all the way at the end of the hallway.

These kids receive an inordinate amount of fun-filled care-packages.

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